\ "Dreams Fulfilled and Disillusionment in Hollywood" Chris Staron | Vault

"Dreams Fulfilled and Disillusionment in Hollywood" Chris Staron | Vault

Letters From Home (S1 E63)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to move to Hollywood to pursue your dream of filmmaking? Chris Staron brings us right into his experience of dreams fulfilled and disillusionment in Hollywood.
He will take us backstage into his own personal foray into the Christian Filmmaking industry. His experience may surprise you. Through all of the ups and downs of his journey, including becoming a starving artist, you will admire the man of God Chris is and see how his faith is anchored.
*Mark. 8:35-“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”
Topics Shared:
Homeschooled twins
His faith story
Heaven’s Gates and Hells Flames
Bullied in high school
Upstate New York
Ithaca College Film Program
Sherwood Pictures
Campus Crusade Mentor
Interning on the Bernie Mac Show
Production Assistant on Hells Kitchen
Indie Movie Director
Bringing Up Bobby success
Writing his book, The Cradle Robber
The story of William Jennings Bryan & the Scopes Monkey Trial
Advice for someone being bullied
Audition tips

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Guest Quotes:
“I wouldn’t characterize Hollywood as necessarily anti-God, it’s that they just don’t know who he is… it wasn’t so much that they were against you, it was that you were an alien species.”
“We often glamorize those things, and hold up the success stories, but there is nobody out there talking about the real struggle of being a starving artist in the Christian world.”
“In most staunch conservative reformed churches, prosperity is there. We believe that nothing bad can happen to you if you are a Christian. But if you look at the Bible, the central character of the Bible is a guy who gets crucified for being exactly where God wants Him to be.”
“Paul gets shipwrecked and bitten by snakes and beaten and thrown out of town for being exactly where God wants him to be. So I think our conception of what
success is and what money is, is way off.”
“We can’t judge our success based on the numbers and people’s response. Success in God’s eyes is being faithful.”
Show Notes: http://bit.ly/3EkWSrI
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