\ "Seen, Known, Loved and Heard" Amy Watson

"Seen, Known, Loved and Heard" Amy Watson

Letters From Home (S1 E52)
 Loved in a foster home with 35 other kids. And only having slept in a real bed for the first time at age 10. Can you imagine what life in that home might be like? Or what trauma you would go through, just to get to that point?

You will hear her extremely difficult childhood. You will also hear how the Lord saved her, and and has become the hero of her story. And now, as she is still healing, she has a worldwide ministry helping others who have suffered from PTSD, and abuse. Seen, Known, Loved and Heard.

Joel 2:25 “I will restore the years the locust has stolen form you.”


Topics Shared:
Home was a war zone, locked in rooms, no beds, not fed, not protected, abused
Pedaling boiled peanuts on the street at age 7
Her church pastor called the authorities
Rejected by her Mother, parental rights were terminated
Spent 18 months with her pastor and family, the Dunnings
Slept in a bed for the first time at age 10
Moved to Faith Children’s Home, now Hope International Ministries
Feelings of intense rejection
35 other kids in Victory Faith, with Mom and Dad McGowan (Dr. Lundy and Jackie McGowan)
Sharing room with 5 other girls
Loved for who she was, not for what she did
Since 1968 the children’s home has 1005 subsisted on donations
Traveling and singing at churches all over the region
On a Greyhound bus with “Faith Children’s Home” painted on the side
Hope Christian School Years, College
Forgiveness and healing with her Mom
Bad Decisions
Rocky marriage
Domestic Violence and PTSD
Losing family
Writing her book and Podcasting
Seen, Known, Heard, Loved and Valued

Amy Quotes:
“When I hear the word ‘home’, I think of a dorm settled on 45 acres in Tampa Bay Florida, with 35 other kids, 5 other girls in the room with me. I think of gross food, that one eats at an institution like a children’s home, but I think of, that was the time when I was loved for who I was, not for what I did or what I could bring to the table.”

“I love back then and even now, some Jesus because He is my everything. I think somehow I recognized that there was no way to make it through. He is the only one who has never left me.”

“There was a group of women that I could tell about my domestic violence, what was going on at home, and they loved me back to life by pushing me to the throne of Jesus and being His hands and feet.”

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