\ “Misdiagnosed & A Ward Of The State, Away At College” J.P. Glesener

“Misdiagnosed & A Ward Of The State, Away At College” J.P. Glesener

Letters From Home (S1 E1)
My beloved son and 1st podcast guest, shares his story, of a faithful God, family, and community advocating for him, when he was too sick to do so for himself. January 1st, 2016, he was away at college, with 46 days of misdiagnosis, doctor and hospital negligence, a ward of the state, in a mental institution, suffering the effects of intense anti-psychotic drugs, reaching a point of abject hopelessness. He shares this journey, as well as his rightful diagnosis, encephalitis, and his journey to complete recovery. He is passionate about helping college students, and engaging his community, grateful, healed and paying it forward. CREDITS-This podcast was made possible by the love, help and encouragement of my family—confirming and shaping the vision for it, technical direction and input, art work, editing, taping, creating sound bites, creating the music, willingness to share your stories. Mike, Naomi (and your family), Hannah, Havilah (and your family), J.P., Eden, Micah, Jordan and Elijah Glesener; you all are my daily joy and inspiration. To my Lord, for whom I live and breathe, and seek to honor with every fiber of my being, I am grateful.
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