RAPTURE: Who Gets Left Behind? What Really Happens After ?

  • Michael

    After listening to your explanation of the rapture, I even more pre-trib !!!

  • Michael

    I'm guessing you don't know Greek or understand things in context ... Seems to me you are reading "into" scripture rather than reading out of scripture ...

  • Mitzi6T44aN

    Joel Richardson is really not on board with scriptural Rapture, where as Amir is so true to form and scripture. I look at Joel as a runaway skeptic heretic in Bible knowledge. Sticking with the words of the Bible and Amir. Joel be cray cray wannabe!

  • Michele Farrar

    I have always interpreted the Olivet comment as one is taken into God's protection, then after those left behind are vulnerable to be swept away. Noah and family were actually taken into God's protection, and those left behind were swept away, demonstrating their pure refusal to recognise the time.

  • RC

    Follow Pastor Mark Biltz or KEN Johnson for more Hebrew feast applications AND HEAVENLY SIGNS

  • Sherry Poince

    I appreciate you trying to force this to fit how you see this (thinking you are trying to say you are both non-pre-trib, hard to determine)..BUT, the Lord practically 'smacked' me in the face with 'the summary' in 2 Thes 2:1-13..no pastor of mine has touched this topic &finally the Lord showed me followed by exemplary man like David Jerimiah. Verse one simply say 'gathered UP' to the Lord, then proceeds with Lawless one in the temple, abomination of desolation etc BECAUSE 'the One(HOLY SPIRIT who lives in us, believers are taken up) steps aside...so THEN ALL HELL BREAKS loose basically..at what point not sure, immediately, shortly after ?year, two years etc time to bring lawless/Anticrist on scene when approval by man & to make PEACE w Isreal and other enemy nations...dah... During Tribulation MANY will believe from 144K, & 2 Wittnesses & Angel God has circling the earth, they are the ones/nation in Rev 7. How can we possibly ENCOURAGE one another in 1Thes 4, then say we are heading for the WORSE WRATH EVER EXPERIENCED if Rapture is Mid or Post? What about Noah taken BEFORE That Flood OR Lot taken BEFORE the burning of Sodom &.Gemorrah. I just don't and won't see it any other way especially BECAUSE The Lord opened my eyes BEFORE ANYONE preached on it! I am Jesus' Bride and He WILL NOT send His Bride for That Day of ultimate WRATH. My earthly husband would do EVERTHING to prevent me from any kind of harm if possible..even more certain God will too. I know you both mean well but you're on the wrong side of the track.....also my understanding is Tribulation is mainly for the 'Elect' the Jewish to repent and recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Thank you & God Bless, Sherry Poince